Everyone plays a part in the Brain Health Ecosystem



We asked those impacted by brain disorders and those who serve them helped us to establish the necessary components for an open and hopeful future...



The Guidebook uses the most influential mechanism for hope and recovery, knowing you are not alone and that you or your loved one can live successfully with a brain disorder. Someone Googling 'bipolar disorder' shouldn't see only stories of tragedy and clinical advice. They should see stories of hope from individuals who have been there before, they should see the guidebook with stories of people living with their own brain disorder or that of a loved one. By making these stories interactive, specific, searchable, and linked to resources, individuals can connect with others and see how life can be lived successfully.


Stories and understanding go a long way towards addressing the problem, but they must be matched with resources and support. Through storytelling, Champions of the cause are activated to continue addressing the problem. A Champion is someone within a company who wants to influence their business as a lever for change. When we change a business, we change its employees, their families, and the overall health and success of the business.


Champions fuel individual companies to contribute to the Blueprint by documenting their brain health related vendors. From yoga to in house coaching programs, companies will review and showcase existing practices so others can learn from them and eliminate the frequent guesswork that is used when selecting vendors.

Affordability, Quality, Accessibility

As the Blueprint grows, demand for vendors with quality services will increase. Reviews will help them improve their services and reach a relevant audience. Government, non-profits, media and other resource and funding providers and evaluators will understand gaps in brain health needs and employee opinion to make more educated decisions on resource allocation.


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